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At Twist Boutique you will leave feeling good about your shopping experience. We pride ourselves on the one-on-one attention we offer each of our customers. Every piece in our store is hand-picked by Trish, the owner, for quality and style.

We buy from over 100 family owned businesses in the USA. If we buy anything overseas it is all fair trade items and often mission-based. When you shop at Twist Boutique you are shopping with a purpose, supporting many small local businesses.

Pamper yourself with a true boutique experience. Unique, earth-friendly fashions for all. Stop in today and see for yourself what everyone is talking about. Twist Boutique on Holmgren Way and Willard Drive (across from Gordmans) in Green Bay. Shop with a purpose!

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Store Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 10am-6pm
Thursday: 10-8
Saturday: 10-4
Sunday: 11-3

Alyssa, Trish and Erika Bosman | Twist Boutique, Green Bay Wisconsin

Our Start

I always knew I would open some sort of retail store when my girls got older but never quite knew what kind of store it would be. One Sunday morning, while I was reading the newspaper and drinking my routine cup of hot chocolate an article inspired me. It was all about what was going on around the world and I thought to myself, “why are we giving things to third world countries instead of people in need in our own communities”. That really bothered me! I knew I couldn’t change the world, but maybe I could make a difference in people’s lives on a local level. How could I make this world a better place, starting with our own community?

I went to school for fashion merchandising and design. With years of experience in retail, I knew I had the the background and knowledge to open a store from the ground up. We opened our doors in December of 2013 as Recycled Denim with a Twist with a mission in mind…

Our Mission

To teach others to… Live healthy with products that are safe for our bodies and environment… Conserve our natural resources by eliminating the plastic in our lives… Inspire people by repurposing and giving back to the community…

Our store originally opened with a focus on recycling textiles and denim. Customers could buy jeans right off the rack, customize them by fraying or sanding them or even cast iron punching the denim. Other options we offered: add fabric or lace, embroidery or dip dying and bleaching of fabrics. Most importantly we inspired people to create and recycle. I was also introduced to Aspiro in Green Bay. Aspiro is a company that employs disabled adults. They sew and make several things for small companies around the United States. I have been so inspired by these special people and designed 4 of my bags around them. I have met so many people along the way that have truly inspired me and what our mission is all about.

Since our opening in 2013 we are doing so many more things and Recycled Denim with a Twist has evolved into Twist Boutique. We are now a women’s boutique that specializes in comfortable, trendy fashions and earth friendly products that promote healthy lifestyles. I am working with some pretty cool 100% post consumer recyclable thread companies and I am eager to get them passed on to our local customers. The big names of retail are made over seas. When is the last time you looked at a tag and saw that it was made in the USA? At Twist Boutique, everything is made in the USA or by fair trade companies for a mission. We work with over 100 family owned businesses in the USA and buying quality is our #1 priority.

I think I found my passion! Thank you God!


Erika | Sales Assistant | Twist Boutique, Green Bay Wisconsin


Sales Assistant

Hi, I’m Erika and my mom owns Twist. I’ve been working here ever since we opened and have loved helping her since. I’ve always wanted to learn about working in a business and all of the work behind it and now I finally can! I enjoy working on all of the social media and interacting with customers along with going to buying shows with my mom. I have truly learned and experienced so much by working here and helping my mom out.

Alyssa Bosman | Sales Assistant | Twist Boutique, Green Bay Wisconsin


Sales Assistant

Twist Boutique has come so far, I couldn’t be more proud of my mom, Trish. I remember sitting in my kitchen with my mom and a thought occurred to us… what if we started a little shop and made dip dye and frayed jean shorts. We had this cute, hip store in mind, and it is amazing to see what Twist has turned into. Going to buying shows with my mom and sister is something I constantly look forward to do. I have been so inspired and hope to be with Twist Boutique in my future.

Sue | Sales Assistant | Twist Boutique, Green Bay Wisconsin


Assistant Sales Manager/Marketing Director

Color and fashion have always been a passion of mine that led me to a degree in Marketing and Fashion Merchandising. So, I just love the yummy fabrics, patterns and beautiful design details Trish chooses and creates for Twist.

And, I so appreciate the concept and philosophy of Twist Boutique. It drew me in both as a customer and now as a member of the Twist team. Chic, high quality clothing and handcrafted jewelry made by small family businesses in the US or Fair Trade businesses with a mission. Recycled garment bags that are sewn by disabled adults in our community at ASPIRO of Green Bay. Helping ladies from XS-4X find a flattering, fun outfit they feel great about. Making a difference in someone’s day and life — that is significant to me.

Katee | Sales Assistant | Twist Boutique, Green Bay Wisconsin


Administrative Assistant

Hi, my name is Katee. The first time I came into Twist Boutique, I was captivated by the amazing smells of many different handmade soaps and candles. I am excited to be a part of promoting SHOP LOCAL, and to be working in such a positive, supportive and inspiring place.

All of these ladies here do an amazing job of helping you find something fabulous. Come down to Twist so we can help you find your perfect style!

Ann | Sales Assistant | Twist Boutique, Green Bay Wisconsin


Sales Assistant


As a customer, the Twist experience was like no other shopping experience I ever had. The women here helped me and it was always a personal experience. I felt lifted up every time. That is why when the suggestion of working here was presented, I jumped at it!

The clothing is beautiful and fun and unique. Truly something for EVERY woman who comes through the door. I cherish being a part of a group of strong women with a mission of supporting American-made businesses and local artists. Grateful every day for my time here at Twist and the women I work with.

Kathy | Sales Associate | Twist Boutique


Sales Assistant

From the first time I walked into Twist I was drawn in by the supportive atmosphere of the friendly and helpful staff. Loving the fashions at Twist was a bonus too! Between the staff and the fashions, I kept coming back and knew I wanted to join the team and help other women feel as wonderful as I did when I left the store. As part of the Twist team I enjoy our collaborative approach to helping women find clothing that inspires them and makes them feel good about themselves.

I believe in Trish’s mission of promoting healthy lifestyles and working with family owned businesses in the USA to bring quality products to the Green Bay area. I am proud to be a Twist fashionista and would love to help you choose your next outfit at Twist!


Sales Assistant

I grew up on a farm in Kansas and have lived in many states, landing in Green Bay, WI only five years ago. Wife to one, mother to two grown children and four pets (two dogs and two cats.)  I love the idea of joining an enthusiastic staff who not only love fashion but are passionate about their community, the environment and empowering women to be the best they can be!

Allison | Sales Assistant | Twist Boutique, Green Bay Wisconsin


Sales Assistant

Joining the Twist team has been such a rewarding experience. I have been blessed in working with beautiful, kind women who genuinely help other women to look and feel great within themselves. Twist is a truly positive shopping experience. There is something for everyone.

Come check us out — it will change you!

Erin | Sales Assistant | Twist Boutique, Green Bay Wisconsin


Sales Assistant

Hi! I have a wonderful husband and am a mother of two amazing young men. I am also a teacher and now a sales assistant at Twist! After shopping at Twist Boutique the last two years, I decided it was time to join in on the fun! I absolutely love helping our customers create a unique and glamorous look of their own. The fit, quality, and design of our American-made clothing is second to none. You will be treated to an amazing shopping experience with people who really care.  I hope to meet you soon!


Sales Assistant

I love being a part of the Twist team for many reasons including USA made fashions, no sweatshops, earth-friendly products, and a positive working environment.

Finding ethically responsible clothing (and products) is very hard in today’s world where “fast fashion” dominates every department store. I love shopping at Twist because I know my money isn’t supporting sweatshops.

Additionally, I love working at Twist because of the positive interactions I have daily with my customers and co-workers. Never have I worked in an environment as positive and uplifting as Twist Boutique. Everyone is welcome here and can choose from our many different brands/styles, which range from sizes XS-3X!! So if you love USA made inclusive fashions, and positive helpful (and honest) stylists, come check out Twist!


The following five key platforms are integral to Twist Boutique’s business model – from the attention to detail in how we treat our customers, to our insistence on providing the latest fashions while maintaining high-quality material standards with paramount consideration of our environmental impact.  We invite you to explore what makes Twist Boutique unique.

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