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Twist Boutique and ASPIRO share a unique, inspiring story and business partnership.

It’s a story about re‐purposing, keeping it local, making a difference and giving hope.

When Twist Boutique owner, Trish Bosman, first toured ASPIRO’s manufacturing facility, she was deeply moved by the employees and the general concept of ASPIRO – to provide employment in a clean, safe, encouraging environment to local special needs adults who are interested and able to work.

That particular day, Tyvek fabric was on the cutting table for a large account contracting with ASPIRO to cut and sew protective cover‐all suits. As Trish, who is a design and textiles major, observed the production process, she saw the scrap edges from the Tyvek suit pattern and immediately envisioned re‐purposing and up‐cycling these scrap edges into checkout bags and gift certificates for her boutique. That was the beginning of a special business relationship. Trish carefully designed her bag and gift certificates so that the work could be done at ASPIRO by the employees who had captured her heart.

Watch the video showing Aspiro staff creating Twist Boutique Tyvek bags.

John from Aspiro | Twist Boutique

John from Aspiro

Meet John – John has worked at ASPIRO for 33 years! One of John’s specific jobs at ASPIRO is to attach our Twist logo sticker onto every Twist bag. John provides the precise, finishing touch on the checkout bags our Twist customers have grown to love. Other employees at ASPIRO sew our bags with our signature lime green thread.

The business relationship we enjoy with ASPIRO has been very strong and reliable and the product quality and consistency have been excellent.

We are so proud of John, our unique checkout bag and gift certificates, and especially of the rich, significant story behind it all. A story of keeping it local; a story of re‐purposing what would be landfill waste into unique new products; and a story of sharing encouragement and hope with some special people, like John, in our local community.

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