Navy Seamed Face Mask with N-95 Filter

Twist Boutique

Size Guide

Introducing our NEW Twist Face Masks designed by our lovely owner Trish Bosman. These are all made in California, USA at our same sweatshop-free facility. All made with amazingly soft fabric that feels wonderful against your face. These seamed face masks are perfect for everyone! Don't like the fit? Throw it in the dryer to make your unique size. They come with the N-95 filter that is the top fabric used in surgical masks in hospitals. Keep you and your family safe during the pandemic with our unique patterned face masks that are super cute but will make a difference in your community to stop the spread.

 - Super soft modal fabric!

Care: To best protect yourself from COVID-19 you are encouraged to wash your mask and the end of the day. Remove N-95 filter (if included) and hand-wash mask and insert in warm soapy water, then hang or lay flat to dry.

If machine washing, use warm water, tumble dry on medium, or hang or lay flat to dry. If a smaller fit is desired, drying at a warmer setting may shrink the mask. We do not recommend machine washing the N-95 filter.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, ALL MASKS ARE FINAL SALE.