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  • Today, four women / store workers helped me find my graduation outfit. They built up my confidence and made me feel like a million bucks. Hours later, and I'm still smiling at the effort these beautiful women spent on making me feel confident, strong, and gorgeous! Thank you so much Twist. You are wonderful. I thank Trish for owning this store and filling it with workers who care and will help you with anything, including being HONEST. Honesty goes along way, along with the support I feel from every woman I meet in this store. Thank you! Can't wait to wear my dress.

    Jill L.

  • I found this great boutique because I was looking for a specific dress brand (Tango Mango). Love their website! I ordered a dress, it was shipped promptly, included a personal note from Cindy and I love the dress! I live too far away to shop in person but it's a great way to shop on line and still support a local store. Highly recommend.

    Debbie L.

  • So happy I found this little gem! Great quality products & American Made too! If your looking for comfortable and unique clothing you need to stop. The staff is wonderful and make you feel like you belong. It’s great to see the owner (Trish) passionate and happy to help. Was able to shop around not feeling pressured or rushed. Fitting rooms are nice and roomie. Store, well laid out, organized & easy to shop. I’m looking forward to many more shopping sprees at Twist. Next purchase will be leggings as they are designed and made by Trish herself.

    Sarah D.