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Chalet Clothing

Chalet believes in creating stylish, flattering fit and comfortable clothing without sacrificing their high quality and unique style. Chalet's primary goal is to create clothes that are exceptionally comfortable, functional, and versatile while still conveying elegant and refined designs. ​ You will see and feel this in Chalet tops and bottoms.

Chalet clothing moves with you, loves a washing machine, and is tailor-made for a life that’s unpredictable. Buy with longevity in mind. Although Chalet clothing might be an investment, they’re expertly designed for the long haul.
Made in the USA!

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  • It’s so nice to order a piece, receive that piece, and be pleased that what you ordered is that piece in good condition and timely! Thank you, Twist! I will order again❤️

    Yvonne B

  • I absolutely love, love. Love Twist Boutique! Such friendly people. American made clothing! Absolutely beautiful clothing! They helped me get ready for my Florida trip. Cindy was totally awesome. Thank you!

    Joan C.

  • I really enjoyed my experience at Twist. The staff is so helpful with size, getting the right accessories and putting outfits together. It is my go-to store. Thank You so much. We needed this kind of women's clothing store.

    Robin S.