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David Cline

David Cline is a contemporary women's apparel brand based in Los Angeles since 2006.

David Cline's inspiration comes from all walks of life, and sometimes from surprising places: Hot fashion trends, walking down the street and finding interesting patterns, or leafing through art books are just some of the ways we find our amazing designs.

Our exclusive micro-poly fabric with a spun rayon blend was developed by David Cline to give it the luster, feel, softness, washability and comfort that is unique to it; it is also crushed to make it durable, easy to travel with and long lasting.

Our ladies' shirts are all made to order, and reflect a contemporary sense of style that is similarly refined, edgy, urbane and bright. All our apparel are designed and Made in the USA

We hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoy making them!

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  • It’s so nice to order a piece, receive that piece, and be pleased that what you ordered is that piece in good condition and timely! Thank you, Twist! I will order again❤️

    Yvonne B

  • I absolutely love, love. Love Twist Boutique! Such friendly people. American made clothing! Absolutely beautiful clothing! They helped me get ready for my Florida trip. Cindy was totally awesome. Thank you!

    Joan C.

  • I really enjoyed my experience at Twist. The staff is so helpful with size, getting the right accessories and putting outfits together. It is my go-to store. Thank You so much. We needed this kind of women's clothing store.

    Robin S.